Tsunami Strikes Japan After 9-Magnitude Earthquake.


The world's sixth biggest earthquake hits Japan. And that was just the beginning / AFP

NO prizes for guessing what dominated our Most Read list this week.

First came the earthquake - an 8.9 magnitude monster that struck just off Japan's east coast on Friday. That figure would be later upgraded to 9, making it the sixth most powerful ever recorded.

This time, a tsunami followed, sweeping cars, houses, rubble and people away barely 20 minutes after the shock of the quake hit. Even now, a week later, populations of entire towns are listed as missing. There's still no hope of nailing down anything close to an official death toll.

Amid the chaos came a new threat as explosions rocked nuclear plants at Fukushima and Onagawa. Officials are still struggling to limit the possibility of nuclear contamination.

Back home, the story and video of a bullied boy who fights back against his tormentor generated plenty of comment about the fact he was suspended after being punched twice in the head.


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